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Abstract :

"The next facadists will call themselves anti-facadists," never said Winston Churchill. Antifacadism is a ruse, an trick of design, which substitutes itself for the hard task of composing a façade in the classical sense of the term. The antifacade is a uniform, autonomous and superficial skin, placed on an independent building. It is thus interchangeable with any other "skin" that the architect could have imagined.  The antifacade does not organize the rhythm of the bays or underline the shapes of the volume, it simply covers it and allows itself to be pierced without opposition by an opening system that is visibly anterior to it in its design. This article aims to present this new ultra-contemporary practice by referencing its modes of realization, its uses, its genealogy in art history in general and finally to find a salvaging function to the self-aware antifacade.

→ Complete text in french PDF (33 pages) :

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