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The Monument
with 256 rooms

Brest, France 2021

social housing (60 appartments)

supervision : Carlo Grispello (ensa nantes)

Final Diploma : jury's congratulations

The monument with 256 rooms is a project of social housing that questions critically and materialistically the typo-morphological view of the city that Aldo Rossi theorized in 66 whith is work "The Architecture of the City"

By claiming to seek programmatic persistancy over formal persistancy, this work presents the residential area as the true essence of the city, and replaces Rossi's "primordial urban facts" as mere patrimonial events.

This wooden cube of social housing in the heart of Brest (a city known nationnaly for its concrete architecture) is a didactic activist. It is trying to offer "desirable alternatives" (Frederic Lordon) against the ideological ruling view of the urban space.


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